Just read my name. I'm not someone who fits in any particular box. 

I'm a Duke grad who didn't end up on Wall Street or in medical school. 

I'm a DJ who generally avoids large crowds. 

I'm a poet who only writes when feeling upset or troubled. 

I’m a proud Texan who wants to escape to New Zealand. 

I'm a writer who loves playing with pictures just as much as words.

This industry calls me a copywriter. 

My friends call me for help writing their Instagram captions. 

My mom calls me her “silly rabbit”. 

You can Call Me Tajj.


Kanye West • Ugly Fonts • Reality TV • My Mom On The Price Is Right With Bob Barker • Will Ferrell Movies

Pretty Fonts • Meeting Chance The Rapper • Dangerous Barbers • Duke Basketball • Monopoly • Tex-Mex Food

“I want the power to create what’s in my mind. That’s my dream.”  – Kanye West