Girl Scouts


A Troop For All

Project Type: Product Innovation, Package Design, Student Work

Role: Art Director

Team: Connie Chweh (CW)

Challenge: Create a product innovation activation based around the anti-Muslim travel ban. 

Idea: Introduce a new Girl Scout cookie as a vehicle for sharing religion and culture.

*Young Shits Winner (Feb. 2017)

The Landing Page

Box Design

Back Of Box: 

The Girl Scouts pledge to donate a portion of Dalias sales from our upcoming cookie season to the American Civil Liberties Union. 
Girl Scout Juniors share the importance of accepting and celebrating everyone's differences. 

The Badge

To introduce our newest skill to the Girl Scout Program, our members can earn a new badge.

The Troop For All badge is awarded to Junior members who successfully teach potential customers the story behind Dalias.

In addition to badges for our members, we will make stickers to distribute to potential customers during cookie sales.

After introducing our newest cookie and skill, our members will offer sticker badges for others so they can show their support.