Google Breaks

Project Type: Integrated Campaign, Product Innovation, Student Work

Role: Copywriter

Challenge: Create a social campaign that encourages our work culture to adopt a healthier work-life balance.

Idea: Launch a new Google platform that promotes relaxing and taking more breaks.

*Young Shits Winner (Mar. 2017)


With over 700 million visits per day, Google’s search page is the best way to reach our working audience and lead them to the Google Breaks home page.



Chrome Extension

The Google Breaks Chrome Extension allows users to temporarily pause their browsing by blocking social media websites and hiding all incoming notifications. 

Once you decide to turn off break mode, you are encouraged to share a post that you took a #GoogleBreak. 


Google Home

Google Breaks features will be added to Google Home devices to assist freelancers and those who work from home.

AD: Connie Chweh / CW: Tajj Badil-Abish